Do You Have Your California Contractor's License?

Sign up for a CSLB licensing program based in Orange, CA and serving the state of CA.

If you want to become a contactor, you'll need to make sure you're properly qualified before you get your business up and running. 1 Stop Contractors Prep School Inc. offers a wide range of contractor licensing classes, both online and in-person from our location in Orange, CA and surrounding areas.

Our team will walk you through the CSLB (Contractors State License Board) licensing process from start to finish. You can get your license without the hassle of an overly confusing process when you attend our contractor prep school. Call 714-864-2953 now to learn more about our programs.

Don't ignore the reasons to get your license

If you want to truly thrive as a contractor, you’ll legally need a license. Having your CSLB licensing also allows you to...

Prove your credibility.
Clients will know that you provide high-quality services when they know you’ve met the licensing requirements.

Have higher earning potential.
Licensed contractors can tackle larger jobs and get higher pay rates than a nonlicensed team.

Bring in more business.
Clients are more likely to hire a licensed contractor because they want someone reliable and credible.

You’ll love getting to say you’re a fully licensed contractor.

When you're becoming a licensed contractor, you'll want to attend a contractor preparation school that will provide the right contractor licensing classes for you. We offer both in-person and online licensing classes for over 44 trades, so you can find exactly the program for you. Sign up for your program today.